You vs Dry, Winter Skin

Three rounds vs dry skin with your friendly Korean skincare experts in your corner!

🔔 Round 1 - Ding Ding 🔔

After cleaning, you might be tempted to go straight in with a heavy moisturiser but moisturisers only work to soften the outer layers of skin and to help to lock in hydration in the deeper layers. But if your skin is dehydrated you need to get some hydration into those deep layers first with hydrators. 

Hydrators are toners and essences that contain water-loving ingredients like:

- hyaluronic acid

- glycerin

- aloe

- honey

- beta glucan

- snail mucin

Hydrators draw moisture into your skin's cell and increase skin hydration. Apply two or three layers for extra hydration.


🔔 Round 2 - Ding Ding 🔔

Before your hydrating products have dried, apply a nourishing moisturiser. If you have additional skin concerns, your moisturiser could address these, e.g. for inflamed, irritated skin, or eczema you might choose a cream with centella asiatica.


🔔 Round 3 - Ding Ding 🔔

While your skin is still damp, lock in the moisture with a highly occlusive layer - something like a facial oil like the Klairs Fundamental Watery Oil Drop. This light oil further boosts hydration and nourishes the skin with glycerine, copper peptides, and ceramides. 

Hydrate - moisturise - lock it in ....a knockout combination 🥊




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