Why Double Cleanse?

At the end of our day, naturally we want to remove any makeup, oils, sweat, or sunscreen from our face. We want to feel squeaky clean...just without the squeak! 
To get everything off in one step, you'll need a strong cleanser. But strong cleansers strip your skin of its natural oils. 
When you double cleanse, you use a cleansing balm or oil to melt away the heavy dirt and oils leaving a fine micro-film that's easily washed away with a gentle cleanser that leaves your face clean without a feeling of dryness.
And, bonus, if you double cleanse at night time, a splash of water is all you need the next morning - no need to cleanse again!
Here's our selection of Korean cleasing oils and balms that you can use for your first cleanse: 
Here are some gentle cleansers that will leave you feeling completely clean without drying out your skin:
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