So what's actually in a Korean BB cream?

What is it?
A light, airy, and buildable skincare/foundation hybrid that give you a dewy "no-makeup" look.
What is it not?
High-coverage. If you need a high-coverage finish, reach for a full-coverage foundation instead.
So it's like a tinted moisturiser?
Nope. The main difference is that BB creams contain other active, nourishing ingredients. For example the Purito BB cream contains adenosine (treats wrinkles), glycerin (for hydration), niacinamide (brightening, treats acne), and centella, panthenol, and allantoin for soothing skin, to mention just a few.
What about SPF?
Most Korean BB creams have around SPF 40 or above. As always we recommend that you also use a sunscreen to ensure you're fully protected. This is because you might not apply enough BB cream to achieve the SPF protection levels expected.

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