Mugwort - This ancient medicinal herb might be the answer to your skin woes

We love a bit of science here at Incandeskin.

Skincare is all about the ritual, the natural scent, the self-care, and seeing the benefit in my skin, but when you see a solid scientific paper backing up what a product claims to do, then all the better.

Mugwort has been used for centuries in Korea as a natural herbal medicine for all sorts of ailments, but more recently its medicinal benefits are being harnessed in Korean skincare products with some great results.

Mugwort works wonders on a host of skin concerns, from dry, itchy skin, to acne, and even eczema and psoriasis.

The International Journal of Molecular Science published a paper with the science and proof behind the claimed benefits of mugwort on atopic dry skin and the various ways that can present...

The Korean skincare brand, I'm From, has formulated a range of products containing mugwort to soothe sensitive skin, calm redness, and help to hydrate and nourish from within.

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